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So yeah it's Restaurant Week....wuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzuuuuuuupppppp?

Next Outing

Hopefully now that the holidays are over with we can actually get a second outing organized! I'd like to suggest we pick something from Madison Restaurant Week and do that. That'd fall somewhere in the week of January 25-30th. I'd like to suggest Wednesday night (the 28th), but whatever works for people.

So, thoughts on the where and when?

about tonight...

Sorry for the uber-late notice, but I'm not going to be able to make it tonight due to a stomach bug that just kicked in. The guest list had grown short enough that I didn't even bother with reservations... so if you still wanna go, by all means do and have fun! Hopefully next month will be better for everyone.

Although, I would caution that the weather looks adventerous tonight. Even if you grew up somewhere with tons of snow and are totally comfortable driving in it (like me), remember that not everyone is so awesome, and all it takes is one inexperienced driver to wreck your day. This might be a good night to stay in in general.


I'm gonna try and get the reservations for Villa Dolce, Thursday @ 7pm, tomorrow evening, so if you want in and haven't RSVP'd you need to do so right about NOW.

If for whatever reason we can't get Villa Dolce, I'll pick something else that looks interesting on the West Side and notify ya'll. Maharajah is a strong contender.

Next Outing

Sorry, November just kind of fell off my radar as far as this group is concerned. I was dealing with a lot of personal stuff, and quite frankly just kept forgetting to set something up.

So, in the interest of time, I'm just going to throw a place and date out; Villa Dolce, the runner up from last time, and how about Thursday, Dec. 18th? If no one has any serious objections we can plan for that. Drop a line here if that works for you!

next meeting?

hey everyone, it's November already and no word on another meeting. what's everyone interested in?

is this LJ thing going to work, or should we go to some other networking site (like meetup.com) that helps filter out all the noise?

Africana Followup

Thanks to everyone who came out to Africana on Thursday, I'm glad everyone enjoyed their food and had a good time.

Here's my one picture;

First meeting of the Madison Foodies group at Africana!

Looking forward to doing our next meetup sometime in November. A lot of people commented that they wanted to go to a restaurant on the West Side; start making suggestions!

Photos from Thursday! At Africana

I posted my photos on my Flickr page. Feel free to snag the photos. It was nice to meet people; I had a great time!

Africana photos 10/09/08

My photos from last night. The lighting made them a tad blurry, but not bad for a camera phone.

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Good outing - nice to meet you all!

I thought the food was decent - I'd go there for lunch. I don't think I'd go there often for dinner though (at least not as a college student).

The company was fun though! Thanks to twilighttreader for organizing this!